What is the Best Currency to Use in Aruba? | Simple Guide!

Suppose one of us is planning to spend our vacation in Aruba. One thing we might worry about is currency exchange. Mainly, what kind of currency do you want. The official currency of Aruba is Florin, but the question arises does Aruba take US dollars? If not, then what is the best currency to use in Aruba? Here is the solution. This article will dive deeper to tell you the best currency to use in Aruba and what obstacles you can face if you have no information about the current exchange rate between Florin and US dollars.

What is the Best Currency to Use in Aruba?

Suppose you are an American citizen traveling to Aruba and want to use US dollars, likely to be your best choice. Several menus and prices around Aruba may be listed in Florins, so knowing the current exchange rate will help you better understand the accurate price.

Does Aruba take US Dollars:

Aruba takes US dollars; meanwhile, having Florin is also an excellent idea to visit Aruba. The best currency in Aruba will be the US dollar. Few local businesses in Aruba may not have US dollars; therefore, get exchange to pay quickly.

Use the Florin:

The US dollar is acceptable in heavy tourist areas of Aruba. If you desire to travel to other remote regions of Aruba, taking Aruban Florins with you would be an intelligent decision. Here we mention two problems you might encounter regarding currency outside of the tourist areas are:

  • Local cashiers cannot adhere to the accurate amount of exchange rates.
  • Local people in business do not recognize US Dollar against Florins rates.

Having some Aruban Florin with you while traveling to the island is a good idea, and ensure you know the current US dollar to Aruba Florin exchange rate. If you plan to stay in the heavy tourist areas around the hotel in Oranjestad, then it is close that you will not need to use anything besides the US dollar.

Way to get Aruban Florins:

Suppose you need florins on the island; you withdraw them from ATM or exchange other currency from a local bank. While using the US dollars around the island, some businesses may give you a change in florins, although most of them provide you with a USD currency exchange.

Aruba Currency Exchange Rates:

Meanwhile, knowing the current exchange rate between US dollars and the Florin is essential. So, the price lists in florins are available, but you pay in US dollars. You know how much change you have due and won’t take advantage. It also makes it easier to read menus and understand the actual price. Suppose the menu is listed in florins, although most menus have a US dollar mentioned.

Aruba Florin to USD:

1 Aruban Florin is equal to 0.56 US Dollars. Exchange rates can change, so check the current exchange rate between Aruban Florin and US dollars.

Debit Card in Aruba:

Several visitors like to bring a debit card along if they need to withdraw cash from ATM in Aruba. If you want to use your debit card in Aruba, the best thing for you is to contact your bank, notify them of your travel plans, and ask them if there will be any issues. Some banks flag international transactions and lock accounts if they are unaware of plans in advance. Your bank will confirm your debit card in Aruba.

Credit Card in Aruba:

Generally, most experts recommend using a credit card over a debit card during travel if someone steals the card information – most credit card companies limit how much you will be responsible for if someone uses your card. Using cash has advantages since money cannot hack. But carrying too much cash with you can draw the attention of thieves and robbers. Be cautious and stay safe.

Aruban Taxis Accept US Dollars:

Yes, Aruban taxis accept US dollars, by understanding the current exchange rate will help keep you from being taken advantage. Taxis are supposed to use a fixed rate instead of a meter in Aruba, but knowing current exchange rates can protect you if you find yourself in a situation where fixed rates are not uses.

Does Aruba Take Euros?

No, Euros are not acceptable in Aruba. If you are traveling to Aruba in Euros, you have to exchange the Euros for Aruban Florins or US dollars or use a credit card.

Tips to Aruba:
  • Using the Florin or US dollar that you select to use in Aruba is up to you that one is easier for you. Suppose you want to bring your debit card with you, ensure you call the bank ahead of time to confirm that an issue and cause your card to be flagged.
  • When you arrive, ask the hotel staff about the location of the nearest ATM. Many hotels have ATMs that may give you directions to the closest one. That way, you will know where you need to go if you need to withdraw money.
  • Heavy tourist areas are always susceptible to petty theft such as pick-pocketing. So, keep the wallet in a front pocket or using a traveler’s neck wallet will help reduce risks.
  • Be sure you are aware of the current exchange rate and confirm that you have given the right amount of change when you make a purchase or pay for a service.

Hopefully, we answer your query on what is the best currency to use in Aruba, and we tried to discuss all relating topics. If you like our effort and want to appreciate it, share the post and page link with your friends. Travel Aruba and have a safe journey.