1 CAD TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 CAD = 203.75 PKR Buying Rate

1 CAD = 205.75 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 8:00:02 AM 2024-07-14

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Today according to open market rates 1 CAD to PKR is 203.75 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 205.75 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. Our currency conversion tool allows you to find the accurate currency exchange rate of CAD to PKR in the open market. However, the fluctuating rate of CAD to PKR is quite high, and due to current circumstances, the changes are more frequent than usual. Therefore the tool keeps you updated with any change in the currency exchange rate.

Canadian Dollar; CAD

Canadian Dollar or CAD is the currency of Canada and abbreviated as CAD and CA$/Can$/C$. The smaller unit of CAD is cents, and 100 cents make 1 CAD. Many banks keep CAD as a reserve currency, and on the list of most–held currencies, the Canadian dollar lands on 5th position after the US dollar, Euro, the Yen, and pound sterling. In the world market platform, the CAD has a rhythm with the US Dollar, and from the year 2002 to 2013, it became a much more stable and valued currency. CAD correlates with the oil price as Canada has significant oil exports. Currently, the banknotes or bills of CAD are in denominations of 5$, 10$, 20$, 50$, and 100$.

Pakistani Rupees; PKR

PKR is an abbreviation for Pakistani Rupee and an official currency of Pakistan. State bank of Pakistan issues the banknotes and controls the flow. It was published in the 1948 year after the dissolution of the British Raj and the partition of British India. The smallest legal tender is 1 rupee and is issued in coin form. The coin currency exists as 1 rupee, 2 rupee, and 5 rupees coins. However, the banknote currency is 10 PKR, 20 PKR, 50 PKR, 100 PKR, 500 PKR, 1000 PKR, and 5000 PKR.

Pakistan and Canada Relations

Bilateral relations between Pakistan and Canada involve both citizens' links and, on a governmental level, cooperation. Both countries share common interests and strategies in climatic changes, regional security and defense, trade and investments, and democracy. Many Pakistani are working in Canada, and many have taken their citizenship.

Pakistan and Canada have their representative figures as consulate and embassies in Islamabad and Karachi and Canada in Ottawa and Toronto. Canada is a firm supporter of Pakistan in terms of the war against terrorism and peacekeeping strategies. Also, there is a huge flow of remittance from Canada to Pakistan as a huge number of people from Pakistan working in Canada.


Many Pakistani live in Canada, and there are daily transactions that need to find the accurate rate of CAD to PKR. Also, many Pakistani students and visitors visit Canada, and knowing the exact currency exchange rate of CAD to PKR is essential for daily dealings. Although huge land areas and beautiful scenery are very important factors for the nation's prosperity, the very cold climate has made civilization quite difficult. Therefore attaining the nationality and finding the job is quite easier. Many Pakistani are living in Canada, and many have economic business with Canada. Whatever the scenario you talk about, the currency exchange provides you accurate and most reliable rate list.

Not only among common citizens but also on a governmental level, the currency exchange rate affects both countries' overall import and export. Therefore our currency converter provides you the most updated rate of Cad to PKR without wasting your time.