1 AUD TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 AUD = 184.55 PKR Buying Rate

1 AUD = 186.35 PKR Selling Rate

Last Updated at: 12:00:03 PM 2024-07-14

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Today according to open market rates 1 AUD to PKR is 184.55 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 186.35 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. The free market in Pakistan is responsible for providing the money in reserves and supplies it to consumers and businesses. The open market also manipulates interest rates without liquefying government bonds.

Australian Dollar or AUD

AUD stands for Australian Dollar, the official currency of Australia, and some external territories. Each AUD has sub-divisions of 100 units called cents. Australian Dollar initiated on 14th February after the Australian pound. Usually, the symbols are $, A$, and AU$ and the smaller unit cent as c Banknotes are in the format of 5$,10$,20$,50$,100$, and rarely banknotes are $1 and $2. The coins currency are in cents which are 5c,10c,20c,50c,$1,$2 and rarely used 1c and 2c.

AUD is the 5th most exchanged currency so far and has a relatively stable rate than other coins.AUD is an official currency of Australia and some three other independent Pacific Island States, including:

  • Kiribati
  • Nauru
  • Tuvalu

Exchange Rate Policies of AUD

Australia follows a floating exchange rate policy. In the past, AUD shifted many times through several regimes. AUD peg against the US dollar and UK pound and finally stabilize after becoming inflation targeting economy. Pakistan is also an evolving economy and needs effective and in-depth planning to achieve the target goals and reduce inflation. Australia and Pakistan are working together on reasonable terms to invest from AUD to PKR.

AUD to PKR Exchange Rate

The rate of AUD depends upon different monetary forms because of financial reforms, including retail deals, modern creations, exchange adjusts, and other political grounds. Australia has its identification in merchandise and possesses some critical assets. The essential assets include minerals, stone, and metals. Therefore, Asian countries like China, Pakistan, and India directly impact the AUD exchange rate.

AUS-PAK Relations

Pakistan and Australia relations are on good terms since the partition with India. Australia supports Pakistan in security, economic prosperity, and development. According to a trade point of view, Pakistan's geographical position is pivotal for Australian goods. Besides people to people links are admirable. Therefore people need to know the open market currency exchange rate of AUD to PKR.

Common heritage and shared interests like sports and arts build strong communal relations. However, both countries exchange scholarship programs, and many Pakistani students are getting an education in Australia and vice versa. Both need to look into the exchange rate list of AUD to PKR for keeping their financial budgets. Moreover, Many Pakistani citizens shifted to Australia to work in the private and government sector and sent a considerate amount of remittance every year. Thus AUD to PKR that one gets from the bank or money exchange is according to open market rate.

ExchangePKR converter Tool

Our converter tool provides you the exact buying rate and selling rate of AUD to PKR, According to the open market rate list. Since many people don't have access to complicated operating tools, we devise a user-friendly currency converter tool. The currency converter tool provides you an accurate AUD rate to PKR, and all you need is a mobile or computer with an internet connection to calculate the current rate.