1 AED TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate!

1 AED = 74.8 PKR Buying Rate

1 AED = 75.6 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 6:00:02 AM 2024-06-16

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Today according to open market rates 1 AED to PKR is 74.8 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 75.6 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. Dubai is an established economy with a vast free-market system, and Pakistan is a developing trade market and shares long-term economic affairs. However, both face fluctuations in the currency rate depend upon local and international trade markets' transformations.

UAE Dirham; AED Introduction

AED is an official currency of the United Arab Emirates and is also known as Emirati Dirham. The AED is sub-divided into 100 fils, as fils is the smallest unit of currency.

The Central Bank of UAE issue the denomination of AED as 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 dirhams and 25 fils, 50 fils, 1 dirham in banknotes and coins, respectively.

Historically used gulf rupees pegged to Indian Rupee till 1966 later in 1972 UAE established UAE Dirham in place of multiple currencies. Later in 1978, UAE officially pegged AED to the US dollar according to IMF's Special drawing rights. Currently, the 1 US dollar is 3.6725 Dirham as UAE fixed the exchange rates under the US dollar peg.

A bridge between East and West

Pakistan and Dubai provide Trade Bridge between East and western Asia. In the blog of the west and Dubai in the eastern blog, Pakistan plays a pivotal role in keeping the relationship on the move. Pakistan and Dubai share an open economy system, and Dubai is the regional leader in economic reforms. On the other side, Pakistan’s economy is fluctuating depending upon several external and internal factors. Moreover, to improve Pakistan and UAE's trade relations, the high authorities proposed negotiations to cooperate in free trade agreements.

Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates economic Assistance

UAE and Pakistan share strong ties since 1971. UAE is among the primary donor of economic and financial assistance for Pakistan. Emirates invested in Pakistan's infrastructure and Pakistan-backed UAE on political and military grounds. The UAE and Pakistan relations are not only based on AED to PKR but also share humanitarian support.

Conventional Investor

The UAE is already investing in Pakistan on large scales, including hospitals, roads, educational institutes, and many more. Since the UAE's recognition by Pakistan, multiple high-level delegations visited Pakistan to reassure the bilateral trade and cultural relations. Emirates employs a considerable number of Pakistani; around 1.2 million Pakistani are residing in UAE. Moreover, the significant number of remittances from AED to PKR sent to Pakistan strengthens the Pakistan Economy.

UAE is also among the closest maritime borders and promotes tourism with easy visa policies. Therefore, Dubai hosts a lot of Pakistani-based governmental and private events in Emirates. Even for cricket, Pakistan uses UAE grounds to host international matches. Besides, award ceremonies and private business meetings, and excellent people-to-people links enhance the need for AED to PKR currency conversions.

On the other hand, Pakistan offers military support to UAE and participates in Armed Forces and commando battalions' mutual training programs.UAE also supported the decision to sell F-16 to Pakistan to keep India and Pakistan at balanced strength. High officials being settled in the UAE workforce need appropriate and latest currency converter to maintain the budget and allowances.

Exchange PKR Converter tool

Here you can find an accessible and easy-to-use currency conversion tool. Anyone can use the device as it requires merely selecting currency and adding the amount need to be exchanged. You can easily find the latest and exact AED to PKR rate according to the Pakistan Open Market.