Interbank Rates Currency Converter

Currency exchange follows dual market rates. Money exchangers follow the Open market rate for buyers or sellers of currency from money exchangers. The interbank exchange rate is different from than open market rate and is slightly higher. Occasionally banks offer special and attractive money exchange deals. Money traders participate actively in the season, especially when USD to PKR interbank exchange rate or Euro to PKR interbank exchange rate is low; investors take it as a golden time for investments. They purchase the USD and Euro in lows and reserve in investment in the banks later in the high rate times they can profit with interests. However, the national banks provide a fixed rate depending upon taxations and might cost you a bit more than the open market. The interbank exchange rates of currency depending upon the availability of money in the market.

Interbank Exchange Rates in Pakistan

Ordinary people are reluctant to exchange the currency with interbank exchange rates, but investors and international dealings need an interbank exchange rate for money transactions and payments. Most international trades and fees use USD to PKR interbank exchange rate for convenience. However, countries like China and Japan also deal in the national currencies and opt for CNY to PKR interbank exchange rate and JPY to PKR interbank exchange rate.

Latest Interbank Rates

You can view the latest interbank exchange rates of multiple currencies like Euro to PKR interbank exchange rate, USD to PKR interbank Exchange rate, and Swiss Franc to PKR interbank exchange rate, with other significant currencies on ExchangePKR. The state bank of Pakistan and other national banks controls and operates the exchange rate and ensures currency availability in exchange. You can find the latest and updated interbank rates of major currencies like Euro USD, SAR on ExchangePKR.

Today All Currencies Interbank Rates

Currency Buying Rate Selling Rate Updated Time
Australian Dollar183.39183.7107:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Canadian Dollar202202.3607:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
China Yuan38.6938.7607:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Danish Krone40.0740.1407:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Euro299.98300.5207:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Hong Kong Dollar35.7435.807:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Japanese Yen1.791.7907:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Saudi Riyal74.1474.2807:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Singapore Dollar205.57205.9407:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Swedish Korona26.926.9507:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Swiss Franc308.9309.4407:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
Thai Bhat7.657.6607:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
U.A.E Dirham76.2376.3407:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
UK Pound Sterling354.18354.8207:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
US Dollar278.9279.307:05:01 AM 2024-06-16
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