1 SEK TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 SEK = 26.02 PKR Buying Rate

1 SEK = 26.32 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 2:00:01 AM 2024-05-26

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Today according to open market rates 1 SEK to PKR is 26.02 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 26.32 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. The Swedish Krone and Pakistani rupees rate fluctuates in the open market as it depends entirely on both countries' trading market conditions.

SEK; Swedish Krona

The official currency of Sweden is Krona, represented as Kr, and the ISO code is SEK. The kingdom of Sweden is located in Northern Europe. Being the 3rd largest country in European Union, it is densely populated. Also, it ranked 9th number in the list of most traded currencies in the world.

The basic sub-unit of Krona is ore, and 100 ore makes on SEK. The denominations in banknotes are 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 kr, and in coins 1, 2, 5, 10 kr. The coin currency of ore is demolished, and the pricing of goods near the closest krona rate is in use.

E.Krona Digital Krona

Although Sweden is a wealthy country yet, it faced a decline during the Swedish banking rescue in the 1990s. Instead of paper or metal currency, online payment methods are popular in Sweden and widely used in common dealings and purchasing. Therefore a unique currency format is in process, and the Riksbank will issue digital currency with all security and reduce bankrupt conditions. The exchange rate of the SEK depends upon the monetary policy of Sweden.

Euro and Krona

Multiple referendums held in the last two decades to enter SEK into Euro-Zone currency, but the support is falling each time. Almost 9% are in favor of EURO membership, but the rest are against it. The main reason is 2 year ERM II policy to join the Euro membership.

Pakistan and Sweden Economic associations

Sweden's Economy is an export-oriented economy based on Hydropower, iron ore, and timber. The export-trade system encourages foreign investors and industries to collaborate with Sweden in this regard. Sweden also promotes a new modern agricultural economy and using workforce and engineering to boost in the field. On the other side, Pakistan is an agriculture-based economy; therefore, both share common interests. However, the relations are not very warm so far, but there are plans to bridge the gap and get expertise and investments from SEK to PKR.

16th round of Pakistan-Sweden Consultation

During the political consultation held in Islamabad, both sides' delegations discussed the overall bilateral relations, including economic, political, investment from SEK to PKR, trade, and education. The Special Secretary notified the Swedish side of Pakistan's development to stabilize the economy and Ease of Doing Business. He highlighted possibilities in the information technology, improving water & waste control, tourism, and entertainment sectors and believed that Swedish companies would take the lead by investing in these sectors.

Sweden is among the most loved tourists spot and also provides high-level education facilities. Since many Pakistani citizens are taking advantage of these opportunities, the currency conversions in SEK to PKR are the ultimate need for daily dealings and tasks.

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