1 CHF TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 CHF = 304.75 PKR Buying Rate

1 CHF = 307.25 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 1:00:01 AM 2024-05-26

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Today according to open market rates 1 CHF to PKR is 304.75 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 307.25 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. The Swiss Franc is a currency from a currency basket and has a substantial value, yet PKR fluctuates in Pakistan's open market. The free market of Pakistan ensures the flow and supply/demand of the currencies against PKR.

Swiss Franc; CHF

Swiss Franc is Switzerland's legal tender and currency, the Italian exclamation of Campione d'Italia and Liechtenstein. The Swiss National Bank controls and issues banknotes of CHF, and Swissmint issues coins.

The denominations of banknotes are 10 francs, 20 francs, 50 francs, 100 francs, 200 francs, 1000 francs. The coin denominations are 5 Centimes, 10 Centimes, 20 Centimes, 1⁄2 franc, 1 franc, 2 francs, 5 francs.

CHF to PKR Reliable and Safe investments

It is one of the most advanced free-market economies; in short, the traders uses the Swiss franc as the magnitude is stable than any other currency. However, it ranked on 3rd number globally according to the Global Innovation Index. However, low-interest rates make it attractive for traders, and thus in a low market rate, one can buy the CHF and then resell in high tides. Specifically, a currency of developing countries like Pakistan and other Asian countries rely on a stable currency like Swiss Franc. Later on, CHF to PKR exchange benefits the currency holder and investors.

Pakistan and Switzerland Relations

Pakistan and Switzerland share constant and relatively stable bilateral relations. Both countries cooperate in the agriculture, trade, and tourism sectors. Moreover, Switzerland stands in 5th position in terms of investing from CHF to PKR.

The Swiss Economy promotes business and trade among different nations; therefore, several multinational companies invested around 1.2 billion in Pakistan. CHF to PKR investments includes food processing, pharmaceuticals, machinery, banking, and agricultural engineering. CHF's investments in PKR are not only based on worldly benefits, but both countries share friendly ties over six decades.

Furthermore, almost 3000 Pakistani immigrants are settled in Switzerland and send remittances to Pakistan from CHF to PKR. Remittance from foreign currency acts as a backbone in Pakistan's developing economy.

Moreover, Switzerland's Economy largely depends upon the tourism sector, and consequently, it's a tourist attraction for Pakistani tourists. Pakistan Film industry also chooses Switzerland for foreign scenery, and comfortable economic ties among both countries play a pivotal role in accomplishing the targets.

Since Switzerland, pharmacy goods and cosmetics are quite famous in Asia, specifically in Pakistan. Many retailers are investing in the field to establish a profitable business. Ultimately the need for currency conversion rises, and determination of CHF to PKR is more than essential to finalize any deal.

ExchangePKR Converter Tool

Here you will find an accessible and easy-to-use tool to find the exact CHF to PKR rate in the Pakistan open market. All you need is to enter the currency type and amount you need to convert, and the next second, you will have the latest value on your screen. It not only saves your time but also provides you with reliable information about the convertible currency against PKR.