1 INR TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 INR = 3.35 PKR Buying Rate

1 INR = 3.46 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 1:00:01 AM 2024-05-26

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Today according to open market rates 1 INR to PKR is 3.35 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 3.46 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. INR is an official currency of India and PKR stands for Pakistani Rupees. Nevertheless, political instabilities cause significant fluctuations in the rate of INR to PKR. However, common interests encourage the buying and selling of both currencies among both nations.

INR; Indian Rupees

Rupay is a derived word of Sanskrit that means a silver coin, and it has ancestral roots in the region of Sher Shah Suri from 1540-1545. Indian and China are pioneers in issuing coins as currency in the past. Indian Rupee is an official currency of India, and INR is the ISO code of money. The Indian Rupee has the smallest unit as paisa, and 100 paisa makes 1 INR. However, according to denominations, 1 rupee coin is the smallest unit in use. INR's issuance is under the Reserve Bank of India and works according to the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934.

Under normal circumstances, the INR exchange rate is according to market value. However, INR with USD impacts effective exchange rates. Also, custom regulations restrict the import and export of INR, and only 25000 can be imported/exported in cash at a time. Also, RBI is bound to convert INR to gold in any situation as gold lacks liquidity.

INR to PKR conversions

INR represents Indian Rupee, and PKR stands for Pakistani Rupee. Pakistan and India are neighbouring countries that share large consecutive borders. Also, common heritage and culture among two biologically twin nations are unique features of both countries. Unfortunately, both countries are traditional rivals and fought in many wars. However, both countries share economic agreements, business dealings, and visitors and pilgrimage.

Despite being on the tense ground, converting INR to PKR currency exchange is crucial for both nations. Pakistan and India have a common ancestral past, but India is an emerging and booming economy globally. However, Pakistan is going through a difficult time. However, Pakistan and India are two geographical neighbours who share borders, culture, heritage, and businesses. Visitors and foreign workers continuously move from India to Pakistan and vice versa. Conversion of currency from INR to PKR and PKR to INR is essential to continue such movement and trade. The people of both countries needed to convert money continuously to send and receive remittances.

India- Pakistan Economic Relations

Indo-Pakistan economic relations graph was never stable and fluctuated quite often. The main reason for the Indo-Pak dispute in Kashmir's cause and never-ending conflict between the two nations. However, depending upon the current government foreign policy, it experienced a boost with several economic ties. Unfortunately, unstable political stances damage people-to-people trade and restrict the import and export of goods. Consequently, investors and business people need to find accurate and updated INR to PKR currency exchange rates in open markets.

India and Pakistan Migrants and Ancestors

Pakistan and India dominions emerged after the downfall of the British Raj. At the time of partition, many people migrated to Pakistan and vice versa. However, some migrated of their own will, and many were reluctant to leave their land. The conflicts and riotous caused unplanned migrations, leaving behind half family members in the ancestral areas. Therefore, many migrants still visit their origin for their family events and use INR to PKR conversions to balance their expenditures.

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