1 BHD TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 BHD = 741 PKR Buying Rate

1 BHD = 749 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rate Updated at: 1:00:02 PM 2024-07-14

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Today according to open market rates 1 BHD to PKR is 741 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 749 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. Our converter provides you open market currency conversion rate. Although BHD is quite stable and is among the world's strong currencies, PKR fluctuates due to many reasons, including oil prices, gold prices, and other political scenarios.

Introduction Bahraini Dinar

BHD stands for Bahraini Dinar, an official currency of Bahrain, a Middle Eastern country. It was first introduced in 1965 in Gulf Rupee.1 BHD consisting of 1000 Fils and is denoted in three decimal places. All currencies have a unique symbol, and BHD or BD is a symbol of the Bahraini dinar. The word dinar is derived from denarius, a Roman word.BHD is the second-highest valued currency and is stable enough as compared to fluctuating USD.

BHD Currency Structure

1 BHD is 1000 fils and operated as coins of Dirham are 1,5,10,25,50,100. However, the banknotes are in denominations of ¼, ½,1,5,10 and 20 Dinars and 100 fils notes. Moreover, the banknotes have high-quality security features that include SPARK and Motion thread tactile lines for the visually impaired.


Bahrain, also known as the Island nation, is a small but rich country in the Arabian Peninsula. Bahrain has ancient civilization Dilmun and was famous for pearl fishing. Bahrain was a pioneer in developing the banking and tourism sectors despite the oil-based economy. Already World bank has declared it as a High-income Economy. As registered by World Bank data starting in 2016, the country posted a 5.7% yearly expansion rate and has a (GDP) growth of 3.9%.

Pakistan and Bahrain Relations

Pakistan and Bahrain are both Muslim countries and share a strong and cordial bond. Both countries operate their embassies and consulate in their respective country. Moreover, Bahrain provides great opportunities for ex-pats to work and establish. Therefore many Pakistani, from laborers to Engineers and doctors, work in Bahrain. Since Pakistani Citizens working in Bahrain send money back to Pakistan, knowing the exact BHD to PKR rate is essential.

BHD to PKR Rate

BHD is the strongest currency of a stronger economy, always worth higher than PKR (Pakistani Rupee). Bahrain is a developed country compared to Pakistan; therefore, the price of one BHD is above 400 PKR and 0.0024 vice versa.

However, the average rate of commodities and utilities is higher in Bahrain as compared to Pakistan. Therefore, there are lots of businesses running in both countries. Bahrain hires labor from Pakistan to minimize the cost of production. So the accurate rate of BHD to PKR is very important to know. So they can utilize our converter to find the currency rate of 1 BHD to PKR.

On the other hand, Bahrain's strong and ever-blooming economy attracts business people from Pakistan to buy Dirham. Again they need an updated rate of BHD to PKR for the purpose.

Our Converter

ExchangePKR.com provides you the right platform to easily get updates and the most reliable values of the current rate in the open market of Pakistan. Bahrain and Pakistan share an open market system; therefore, their trade system is developing day by day. You can compare the daily and upgraded rate list from our user-friendly currency converter.