1 NOK TO PKR Rate Today Open Market Rate

1 NOK = 26.04 PKR Buying Rate

1 NOK = 26.34 PKR Selling Rate

Last Rates Updated at: 12:00:03 PM 2024-07-14

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Today according to open market rates 1 NOK to PKR is 26.04 Pakistani Rupee Buying Rate and 26.34 Pakistani Rupee Selling Rate. The open market rate lists the latest buying and selling prices of the currency in the local community. It depends totally on the interests and strength of the exchangeable money.

NOK; Norwegian Krone

Norway is a famous country in Europe for several reasons, including education, tourism, and stable foreign affairs. Norwegian Krone is an official currency of Norway and depended on territories. The ISO code is NOK, and it's divided into 100 sub-units called øre. Norway is among the countries promoting online banking and virtual transactions.

Although Norway is not a densely populated area, its trade and economy are quite remarkable and stable. The NOK was the 10th most traded country in 2007, and it touched the 13th number in 2010.

The fluctuation in the NOK exchange rate gets affected by Oil pricing and interest rates globally. According to a report, 20% of the GDP depends on total oil Export, which is almost 40% of the export revenues. Norway uses hydroelectric plants to generate electric power around 98-99%, which is the highest percentage globally. OIL-based Economy of Norway also depends on the fish industry and is in 2nd position after China to export variable species of fish. Norway was the largest oil exporter in 2002 and strengthened the NOK. However, Norwegian Krone faced ups and downs with changes in oil market prices and competitions. Like many other crises, Norwegian Krone regained the damaged value with a notable boost.

NOK to PKR Conversions

PKR Stands for Pakistani rupees are economically fluctuating, yet the relation between NOK and PKR is quite impressive. According to ethical views, Pakistan and Norway are two different countries; however, the diplomatic ties are progressive.

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Norway welcomes immigrants from different nations. Hence, around 40,000 immigrants from Pakistan settled in Norway. So the Pakistani community in Norway sends a suitable figure from NOK to PKR as a remittance yearly. They also provide job opportunities, and thus many Pakistani citizens are working in Norway and doing several jobs for a living.

Trade and Investments from NOK to PKR: :

Pakistan and Norway have a stable trade system that benefits PKR more than NOK. The geographical location of Norway is in a harsh climatic region that demands enormous import. Pakistan exported traditional goods, textile products, leather-goods and sugar, and import fertilizers and machinery as part of aluminium and iron/steel.

Telenor is one of the significant and successful investments of Norway in Pakistan telecommunications. During 2015-2016 Norway was the largest investor of NOK to PKR. In the future, Norway and Pakistan are working on plans to work on Solar power energy generations.

Currency Converter tool for NOK to PKR: :

We have developed an exceptionally accurate currency exchange calculator tool. The currency converter tool helps you find the latest and precise buying price of NOK to PKR in the open market rate list. Both countries exchange tourists every year, and they browse an easy and reliable tool to manage their budgets and assist the planned expenditures.