How to Change Currency in G2A? | 2 Simple Methods (2023)

A gamer who loves to get video games at expensive rates? G2A offers expensive video games at very cheap rates. That is why G2A become famous among its users. But the most frequent question that people ask is how to change Currency in G2A to purchase such low price games.

2 Methods to Change Currency in G2A:

It is one of the complaints users have about the default currency of G2A. G2A deals in Euros seem to mean users cannot purchase or sell keys except Euros. By submitting the article, you will learn how to change currency in G2A to buy users' favorite services and products. We managed to organize step by step guide. Here we go.

10 Steps to Change G2A Currency:

Euro is the main currency of the G2A games. But you can easily convert the Euro to your desired currency by your favorite G2A games. Here we formulated the steps to make it easy for you to learn how to change currency in G2A.

  • Sign in to G2A with credentials.
  • Now, go to the menu present on the left side of the screen.
  • Open the Dashboard from the site.
  • Select Selling from the Orders option.
  • Go to the Selling Settings in Selling.
  • You will find the default currency Euro at the top-right corner.
  • Click on Euro displayed as EUR.
  • Select the currency of your desire from the drop-down menu.
  • Ascertain, you move back to the products on G2A observe the prices.
  • You can observe the price display in the currency you have selected.

After changing your settings to USD, and you can observe it here. By following these simple steps, you will know how to change currency in G2A into the product.

Changing Currency in Acceptable Payments for Sales:

Formerly, when you desire to sell your new games, you lost few bucks for currency conversion. Here are no more extra or hidden costs but with this option. The option allows you to select the currencies that you like to accept. To default currency on G2A, it also omits the fee to convert the payments. Suppose the buyer pays in New Zealand Dollar, you can select to accept the payments as it is, or you might accept them in Euro.

7 Steps to Change Currencies in Acceptable Payments:

Here we mention further seven steps to understand how to change currency in G2A to the acceptable payments. Here are those seven steps to help you out.

  • Sign in to G2A with credentials status.
  • Go to the Dashboard present on the left side.
  • Select Selling and go to the Currencies.
  • That is the last option in the Selling list.
  • Tick the boxes against currencies that you like to accept in Currencies.
  • Click on Save after you are done.
  • You may enable or select a few.
Customer Support Service:

If the mentioned steps are confusing, you can request customer support to help you with it. From the expert experience, we can say their response is kind and generous.

Currency Conversion in G2A:

Research says the currency conversion is a possible procedure to change in G2A or pretty much any other currency you have to prefer to buy and sell keys and gaming accessories. On the other hand, we needed to select the currency of preference to sell games. Not that we should sell regularly, but we cannot accept payments in the default Euros.

Upgraded Feature:

G2A has upgraded the features that come in handy when you desire to sell or buy products from the site. This post will detail how to change Currency in G2A and seemingly everything about the conversion of currency in G2A.

Redemption Key:

By using redemption keys, G2A is a global digital marketplace practicing in the resale of gaming products. It is based in the Netherlands and has offices in different countries, including Poland and Hong Kong. The site possesses over 20 million customers, 75,000 digital products, 400,000 sellers from 200 countries, and 600 employees worldwide.

Supportive Platforms:

The game key codes are the primary product offering on the official site of G2A. Such platforms like Origin, Uplay, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Network. Numerous products are found on the marketplace like software, electronics, prepaid activation codes, and merchandise. To make sell and purchase, one needs to learn how to change Currency in G2A because G2A deals in Euro.

G2A Products:

G2A does not sell or purchase a single digital product independently; it delivers the platform for others to act as an intermediary by connecting seller and buyer. G2A has a lineup of other products and services besides the marketplace. For video game developers, G2A partnership program, online checkout gateway, and G2A PAY, etc. G2A influences Esports and sponsors professional gaming teams as x-kom AGO, Team Atlantis, and Illuminar Gaming.

I hope that we have elaborate on every possible information on how to change currency in G2A. Grab your favorite version of G2A games at low prices and enjoy your favorite games. Suppose you, as our efforts, follow us. Like and subscribe to our page. Give your feedback in the comment section. Thanks for your attention. Stay home and stay safe.